As We Close Another School Year


Dear Partners,

As we round the corner to prepare for the close of another school year I would like to thank the Principals, Teachers, Staff and each and every Family and Student for their personal efforts and sacrifices. Enrolling in a Catholic school requires the investment of a family’s time, talent and treasure. Our schools work very hard to be worthy of that investment and to help you educate and form your child.

A few years ago the NCEA talked with some Catholic school children to find out what they had learned that year in school. They turned the children’s advice into notecards. The words from the students exemplify what our schools are about. The front of the note cards stated, “What I learned in Kindergarten, 1st Grade……8th Grade.

“Teach other people about God. ∞ Reading is good for your brain. ∞ If someone falls, ask him or her “Are you okay?” ∞ Do your best and God will do the rest. ∞ If you think someone could use a friend… be one. ∞ Religion is in everything. ∞ Finding the area of a 3D shape can be challenging. ∞ Science matches with religion. ∞ Making good decisions may require prayer. ∞ Being a good leader is challenging. ∞ Serving others brings happiness. ∞ Reading a good book can help you learn how to live your life. ∞ Making things helps me learn. ∞ My gifts were given to me by God for a purpose. I can make a difference! ∞ Quiet, peaceful moments with God can go a long way!

“Out of the mouths of babes….” Our Catholic schools form the heart, mind, and soul of each student. Catholic schools are worth the sacrifice. Thank you for being such great partners in this most holy endeavor.

God Bless,

Holly Goodwin

Superintendent of Catholic Education

About the Superintendent

Holly Goodwin is the Director of Total Catholic Education and the Superintendent of Catholic Education. Holly oversees curriculum development, budgeting, tuition and financial aid, human resources and planning for the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Colorado Springs.

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