Introducing a Strategic Plan for our Catholic Schools

In this Year of Mercy, it is my pleasure to introduce: 

Forward in Faith
A Strategic Plan for Catholic Schools - Diocese of Colorado Springs 2015-2020

Grounded in the National Standards for Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools, the vision, direction, and priorities for our Strategic Plan were identified to ensure the long-term viability of our Catholic schools and make quality, faith-based education available for those parents who desire assistance in educating and forming their children to be disciples of Christ.


The Strategic Plan was guided with the full support of Bishop Sheridan whose belief in Catholic education is most evident in his proclamations that:

Catholic schools are indispensable to the educational and evangelizing mission of the Church.
Catholic schools must be Christ-centered, with faith and values permeating all that is taught.
A rigorous academic curriculum inculcated with religious beliefs and practices will educate students' mind and form their souls.
Catholic schools are the responsibility of all Catholics, not just those whose children attend our Catholic schools.
Catholic schools are the best means available to Catholic parents to assist them in their obligation and responsibility to pass the Faith to their children.

Please take a moment to peruse the pdf Strategic Plan for our Catholic schools in the Diocese of Colorado Springs (4.36 MB) , and be assured of our commitment to the goals and vision in the plan. Watch my blog for regular updates on the progress of the Strategic plans as TOGETHER we move Forward in Faith!

About the Superintendent

Holly Goodwin is the Director of Total Catholic Education and the Superintendent of Catholic Education. Holly oversees curriculum development, budgeting, tuition and financial aid, human resources and planning for the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Colorado Springs.

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