An Open Letter to Parents

In the January 15, 2016 edition of the Catholic Herald, our own Bishop Michael Sheridan wrote, "Provide for the ongoing formation of your children in the faith. Unfortunately, there are far too few Catholic schools in our diocese and, for that reason, not available to every family. In those schools that we have, however, you can be sure that the Catholic faith is taught in its entirety, and children are formed in the discipline of the Church. Yes, Catholic schools are expensive and require great sacrifice on the part of families; but, of all the gifts that parents try so diligently to provide for their children, is there really any gift of greater value and importance than that of a Catholic school education?

 Every study that is done reveals that those children who are given a Catholic school education are far more likely to practice the faith into adulthood and become active members of their parish. Certainly this is what you want for your children. If your income will not allow you to provide a Catholic school education, I promise that we will do all that we can to help you. Just call me or our Office of Total Catholic Education..."

Bishop of Colorado Springs

Read Bishop Sheridan's article in its entirety HERE.



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