Test Scores

Please peruse the slideshow below to see how our students are performing.  The charts show grade equivalency performances compared to the expected grade equivalency.  Across subjects and grade levels you will find that our students consistently perform 1 - 2 grade levels higher than expected and most often with accelerated growth over their academic careers.

pdf Diocesan Grade Level Equivalency Performance 2017-2018 (2.35 MB)


pdf At A Glance 2018  (83 KB)



Testing Policy
The mission of the Unified Catholic Schools is to emphasize spiritual development as well as growth within the individual child.  In order to diminish academic competition and increase a focus on the development of each student, it is our policy to publish only aggregate test scores for our schools.  Our goal in this policy is to discourage selective acceptance of high-achieving students

Each school's population is unique and they work with a range of demographics.  School comparisons are indicative of the different populations more than the quality of curriculum and instruction.  We believe that longitudinal scores for our district are the best indicator of how our programs and curriculum are promoting growth.

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