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Thank you for your interest in Catholic education in the Diocese of Colorado Springs.  We are proud of our students and staff as they strive to live Christ-centered lives every day. Please visit our schools' websites, schedule a tour and discover WHY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS! Read why our students are not just college-career ready but COLLEGE-CAREER-HEAVEN READY!

NOW ENROLLING - Preschool thru Grade 8

College-Career-Heaven Ready!

In Catholic schools we begin with the premise that each and every person is a child of God who is created and gifted by God in a unique way. God gives those gifts for a purpose and a vocation. Our vocation as teachers in the Catholic school is not just about filling a child with knowledge but allowing their God-given gifts to be discovered and developed. In Catholic schools we surround our students with individuals who believe that each child truly is a child of God. Teachers, Priests, Religious and parents pray for and model our faith for our students. We provide a safe environment, full of morals, values and virtues because we know that if children do not feel safe, they will not take risks and not fully develop their gifts.

Catholic schools provide a rigorous, faith-based education, not only so students are college and career ready; but to provide an environment that supports and nourishes God’s plan for the gifts he has placed in each of them. Making an “A” and earning a college scholarship are not our only goals.  The students must realize that education is a means to develop their gifts and that those gifts were given by God and intended to be used to serve Him and others here on earth.  

Our goal for students is not simply to be college-career ready. Our goal for students is to be College-Career-Heaven Ready!

 In the Diocese of Colorado Springs, our Catholic schools:

  • View each student as a gift from God entrusted to our care.
  • Teach faith that is true to the teaching of the Magisterium of the Church.
  • Inculcate faith, values and virtues into all that is taught.
  • Provide opportunities for students to attend Mass, Adoration, daily religion class, receive sacraments, and experience many beautiful faith traditions.
  • Have high expectations for all and support students’ efforts to reach full potential.
  • Provide a rigorous, faith-based education.
  • Teach students to become organized, independent learners.
  • Teach students to reason by including truth, and truth always includes Christ.
  • Support parents, grandparents and guardians as the primary educators.
  • Prepare students for college, career, and heaven.
  • Teach the importance of serving others through Stewardship.
  • Offer a variety of extracurricular activities: sports, band, music festivals, MathCounts, Battle of the Books, science fairs, robotics, Great Books, Ameritown and International Town, etc.
  • Teach Theology of the Body to middle school students
  • Ensure Catholic schools are affordable and accessible by providing financial aid.

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Did you know...

Catholic Schools’ Impact on Faith Formation
and Sacramental Practices 


Catholics who attended Catholic schools are significantly more likely to actively practice their faith, including the reception of the Sacraments. Those concerned about promoting sacramental practice would do well to ensure that Catholic education remains a realistic option for today’s families.





Catholic, Charter, and Public Schools


We understand that finding the right school for your child is top priority for your family. We believe that by learning about class size, teacher/student ratios, and the programs offered at a school, you will be well positioned to choose the right fit for your family. Please take a moment to review the highlights and links by clicking READ MORE below

We hope you find them helpful. We encourage you to contact Our Schools, schedule a tour and a shadow day for your child, and see WHY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS!!!




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