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Thank you for your interest in Catholic education in the Diocese of Colorado Springs.  We are proud of our students and staff as they strive to live Christ-centered lives every day. Please visit our schools' websites, schedule a tour and discover WHY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS! Read why our students are not just college-career ready but COLLEGE-CAREER-HEAVEN READY!

NOW ENROLLING - Preschool thru Grade 8

More Than You Realize

Aim Higher!

Did you know...

Catholic Schools’ Impact on Faith Formation
and Sacramental Practices 


Catholics who attended Catholic schools are significantly more likely to actively practice their faith, including the reception of the Sacraments. Those concerned about promoting sacramental practice would do well to ensure that Catholic education remains a realistic option for today’s families.





Catholic, Charter, and Public Schools


We understand that finding the right school for your child is top priority for your family. We believe that by learning about class size, teacher/student ratios, and the programs offered at a school, you will be well positioned to choose the right fit for your family. Please take a moment to review the highlights and links by clicking READ MORE below

We hope you find them helpful. We encourage you to contact Our Schools, schedule a tour and a shadow day for your child, and see WHY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS!!!




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