Welcome Letter from the Superintendent

Dear Guest and Potential Catholic School Parent/Guardian, 

Thank you for viewing our website and for considering Catholic schools in the Diocese of Colorado Springs.  We are a young diocese, only twenty-five years oldand dedicated to making Catholic schools available and affordable to all who wish to receive the many benefits of a Catholic school education. 

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Colorado Springs are an excellent choice for providing a quality, faith-filled education for your childrenSeveraof our schools have been voted “The Best of the Best” in their communitiesOur goal is to help your children know and live their faith, recognize Christ in their daily lives, and provide rigorous academics so each child can develop his/her God-given gifts.  

Please take some time to visit the websites of our schools and read about their accomplishments, unique curriculum, technology, and their arts and sports programs. Each of our schools is a unique faith community. Be sure to call our schools to set a time for a tour. I am sure you will find the school that is a perfect fit for your child and your family.   

If you are interested in a school that cares about your child’s soul, mind, and spirit, discover all that the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Colorado Springs have to offer. 

We look forward to welcoming you into our school communities. Thank you!


Holly Goodwin 
Superintendent of Catholic Education 
Diocese of Colorado Springs

About the Superintendent

Holly Goodwin is the Director of Total Catholic Education and the Superintendent of Catholic Education. Holly oversees curriculum development, budgeting, tuition and financial aid, human resources and planning for the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Colorado Springs.

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