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The Creative Curriculum
This early childhood curriculum, endorsed by NAEYC, is the curriculum and assessment tool used in the preschool. Click on the link to see more information at the Teaching Strategies web site.

Colorado Department of Education
State early childhood preschool standards align with our curriculum. 

National Association for the Education of Young Children 
The preschool is accredited by this academy for high quality early childhood education programs.  See the web site to learn more about the standards for the accreditation system.

The National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA)



Holy Apostles Preschool WILL CANCEL classes for the morning if School District 11 cancels for the day. We WILL NOT call you if this is the case. Listen to your radio or TV and if District 11 has cancelled, we will also. Check the preschool web site home page by 7:30 AM and cancellation information will be posted there as well. There can up updated messages if weather conditions deteriorate after 7:30 AM.

If School District 11 announces a late (delayed) start, Holy Apostles Preschool WILL CANCEL morning classes.  Parents should listen to TV, radio, or check the website home page by 7:30 AM or call the preschool at 597-4249 X119 for updated information.

The Preschool MAY CANCEL classes even though District 11 has not. In this case, we will attempt to call you. Whenever in doubt, check the web site home page or call 597-4249, X119.

Remember, whenever weather conditions are poor, YOU MUST use your own discretion on whether it is safe to travel to preschool in your situation.  If you ever feel that the weather is too severe for travel, please stay at home with your child.

If either the web site home page or the phone message is a normal one, you will know preschool is open. Only cancellations will be posted. And, a word of caution: we DO NOT follow the same cancellation decisions as the other Catholic Schools in the Diocese.  Please refer to the above information for Holy Apostles Preschool.

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