Frequently Asked Questions

Why PARENT involvement?

Our program values parents as the first and most important teachers of their child, so parental involvement in our program is of the utmost importance. Periodic help in the classroom allows parents to see appropriate early childhood education and guidance techniques that can be followed at home.

What is the EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY of the program?

The program is developmental in nature, focusing on the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth of the child. Since, each child progresses at a different rate, the program is individualized as much a possible to meet the needs of each child.

How is RELIGIOUS EDUCATION incorporated into the program?

This is accomplished by creating an atmosphere of Christian community in which the child learns to love and respect God, himself, his parents, teachers, and friends. Further, the child learns that his love will be returned.

What type of CURRICULUM is provided for the children?

Holy Apostles Preschool follows the curriculum framework found in The Creative Curriculum. Curriculum themes will revolve around the interests of the young child as well as around weekly and monthly topics such seasons of the year, self awareness, holidays, community helpers and more. Related art projects, stories, songs, fingerplays and visitors are introduced to teach and reinforce these topics.


CIRCLE TIME: this is a social time in which the children come together as a group for stories, musical activities, games, physical movement, fingerplays, etc.

INTEREST CENTERS: are set up around the room containing materials, toys and games which the child can explore at his level of readiness. Centers include art materials (crayons, fingerpaints, play dough, easel paints, collage materials), waterplay, blocks, manipulative toys, math, science, reading materials, and dramatic play.

The YOUNG CHILD is energetic, full of life, eager and enthusiastic. He must be doing, exploring and discovering the world around him.

HOLY APOSTLES PRESCHOOL helps the child accomplish this in a creative and caring way.

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